Saturday, 3 November 2012

Quotes of Baba Farid Ganj-e-Shakar

  1. Do not follow a truth which resembles lie
  2. Do not degrade yourself to achieve a rank
  3. If you want the position of a saint, remain away from the kings family
  4. Always find an excuse to do something good
  5. Do not fight with anyone in a way leaving no chance to come back
  6. Do not quit your activities because of other's cold shoulder
  7. Look the way you are otherwise your true face will be unveiled automatically
  8. Beware of a wise looking foolish man
  9. Don't buy a slave who is ready to be sold
  10. A person should perform such deeds which keep him alive for ever
  11. Truthful in love is a person who has only love and nothing else in his heart.

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